Here are some common questions about our hair products and services. , if you have other questions, please just send it to
No, we don’t offer chemical services to clients with possible scalp issues. Our focus is healthy hair and won’t jeopardize the health of your scalp/skin with chemical treatment. Are you’re interested in receiving a hair consultation? Use our built-in messenger on the right side of your screen to message us.
We usually 2 bundles and 3 for extra fullness.
Hair can last up to a year based on the care of the hair. We suggest washing and conditioning the hair the same as your own. Brush hair from the tips upwards towards weft for good detangling. Taking good care of your hair will give provide longevity and longer lasting hair.
All orders have a processing time of 2 days. Once orders are processed, they’re shipped based off of your shipping preferences.
Yes, you can send your own hair for wig customization, but we are not responsible for your hair. If your hair has any issues, we will contact you and provide you with options. Our only responsibilities are to construct your wig and return to you. Use our built-in messager on the right side of your screen to message us about steps on getting started.
All hair bundles are natural colored. Hair can be colored and/or bleached. Custom color can be requested in a contact form with detailed instructions.
No. Hair line alteration and bleached knots are an added service and should be requested at the time of purchase.
Yes, the closure can be replaced with the purchase of a new closure. Vist Hair Fanaddicts Salon online store to view all options.
No, you don’t have to only use a frontal. Your wig can be designed with a regular closure or have it completely sewn (in this case for Bangs). If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to one of our Team members.
No, we don’t offer custom wigs with synthetic hair options.
All appointments is based on the availability of service and is not guaranteed. Accommodations are made to assist with the appropriate booking time and time frame allowed
It’s best to book a week in advance to guarantee an appointment. Appointments booked further than a month in advance require a deposit.
Due to limited availability, same day appointments can vary. In cases of an emergency, same day appointments are subject to an additional fee.
Select all services needed and use the notes section to leave a message about your appointment. If you experience any complications, send an email or text to correct booking.
There are no services provided on Sundays and Mondays. The only allowance for Sundays and Mondays are for special occasions with associated fees.
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